Sveaflyttyt sees moving as a craft 
With many years in the moving industry, we know what is required for a successful move. We move locally & nationally with floating transport between Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and all of Norrland. Larger and smaller moving assignments all over Sweden.  

Moving the entire household
Includes doing all the carrying and that we protect the furniture and put the furniture in place in the new home. Personnel, truck, fuel, insurance (BOHAG 2010) are also included. If only moving, you pack all personal belongings in moving boxes so we can just start carrying.

Moving parts of household goods
If you move parts of household goods further, we protect all the furniture, handle everything carrying it out into the truck and into the new home.

Shared transport  
Smaller shared transport between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Malmö and all over Sweden. We take care of all the load-bearing, protect furniture and put things in place in the new home. Shared transport requires flexible moving date/time and booking well in advance.  

Packing of chattels
We can pack the entire household or only china. If you pack personal belongings in moving boxes yourself, insurance does not apply to things in moving boxes (applies if we collide, of course). Rule for all moving companies.

Moving cleaning
We provide a 100% cleaning guarantee. Window cleaning included.


What can change the transfer price?

  • Services that are added on the day of the move
  • Excess displacement volume


What do I need to prepare?

  • If we handle the move, you pack all your belongings into moving boxes
  • You can buy bubble wrap and protect larger paintings, televisions.
  • Go through the storeroom/basement and take care to see if anything should be thrown away
  • Feel free to pack blankets and pillows in garbage bags (the thicker version)
  • Use common sense when packing, all boxes should be able to be lifted
  • If you have something of high value/affectionate value, tell the removal staff
  • Things you take care of yourself: securities, cash, jewellery, watches or other high value, personal items.

We follow the general terms and conditions BOHAG 2010

Housing 2010 (pdf)


Welcome to moving company Sveaflytt in Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrland. We carry out larger and smaller moves between Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg & Norrland. When you hire us at Sveaflytt, you know that you will get a safe and affordable move with a fixed price. We work with moving between Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö and all of Skåne. We are a moving company that offers a complete moving service with everything from packing, moving, packaging, assembly and moving cleaning.

You can be calm when you hand over the moving, packing, moving cleaning or the storage of your household goods to us at Sveaflytt. We look forward to helping you with your move, welcome! We always try to help our customers and if we can’t, we can always recommend a mover in the same industry or a mover guy. So we will always be able to help you find the best solution. Sveaflytt helps you with all moving assistance, moving freight, moving service, household moving, piano moving. All types of moving tasks are carried out with professional moving equipment such as moving blankets, moving boxes, moving packaging, moving harnesses..