Describe what you want help with. Moving the entire household or only parts you want to move. Do you also want help with packing, packaging, moving? 

Do you have frugal, normal or well-furnished?

Are there things in storage, how big or how many cubic meters?

Is there anything extra heavy such as a piano, gun safe or other. 

Number of cubic meters of household goods moved

  • 1 rok about 10 cubic meters
  • 2 rok about 20 cubic meters
  • 3 rok about 30 cubic meters 
  • 4 rok about 40 cubic meters
  • 5 rok about 55 cubic
  • 6 rok about 65 cubic meters  

Moving: You pack everything in moving boxes. We handle transport & all carrying.

Pack: We pack personal belongings in moving boxes. We have packaging included.

Move-in cleaning:   100% cleaning guarantee